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In Search of Monster Carp
that on a lot of venues; a lot of people
just wouldn’t think twice about jumping straight in there. As I said, they’re
entitled to, but that’s the sort of
angler you were fishing with up here;
no one stepped on anyone’s toes, and
there was that bit of mutual respect. If
someone was having it off in an area,
they’d leave them to it.
So I got back in the Hump, picked
off another fish, which I think was
another mid-20 mirror, and that was
the only one that session. I caught it
exactly the same way, off the same
spot up along the margin, and as I
said, I was just breeding confidence. I
knew that every time I could get
down, if I could get in the Hump I was
picking them off, and it was just all
falling into place quite neatly at that
point. I knew there was going to be a
time when I couldn’t get in there, and
I started looking at a few other areas
while I was fishing the Hump, and
there were a few spots I was noticing.
So, I picked off that mid-20, and I then
came back again, but I couldn’t get in
the Hump, as someone was in there.
The initial feeling is that you’re a bit
gutted because you know that if you
can get in there, it’s a 99% guaranteed
bite, that’s how high my confidence
was running. So I ended up in a swim
called the Reeds, a swim that I had
watched a lot of anglers fish the previous year; a very hard swim to get a
bite out of. I think that’s purely down
to your line lying badly, as there was
so much weed out there. There was
no doubt that the fish were coming in
and visiting those spots, but I’m 99%
sure they were clocking the lines, and
I am sure people were getting done
out there quite a lot.
So I had gone round to the Reeds,
and I had been watching what Nigel
had been doing with a spod, and putting the old sticks in for clearing the
top surface layer of the weed. There
was an area out there that was clear,
but you had a lot of surface weed on
the top, so it took me a good two, with
the spod. I kept casting it, clearing it,
casting it, clearing it, and in the end I
was happy that I had quite a neat little channel. I knew if I could get the
cast bang on, I could get the line
down and everything would be
So I put a chod rig on; I was mucking about with them after what I had
seen Nigel do with them, but I just
couldn’t get the confidence in them. I
just needed that first bite on one, and
then I knew I’d be alright. I had found
another little area to the left that I was
quite happy with, but that afternoon
and evening, nothing happened. I
remember waking up on the Saturday
or Sunday morning, and I was actually
watching a fish fizz up over the right
hand spot. I was sitting there thinking, that’s getting a bit closer, and a
bit closer… Then there was a single
bubble, and just as the next bubble
came up, it popped into my head that
that one was the hook bait, and it rattled off. They do give a good scrap in
here, but once they get weeded up,
it’s game over; you’ve just got to try
and get the weed in, and then extract
the fish from the weed. It was another
mid-20 mirror, which I was happy
with, and one I hadn’t caught, so
things were still working out nicely. I
think that was the only one I had that
I pulled off again, came back up,
and got back into the Hump this time.
Nigel was in the Dog; he was picking
a few off out of there, and I had a double, a fish called Son of Shoulders,
which put up quite a good scrap. So
that was another new one, not the
biggest of fish, an 18lb’er, but I was
more than pleased with it. I think I
was on about six or seven fish by
then, so I had already neared my tally
from last year.
Big Lin, 37lb 2oz, Road Lake.


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