FL09June - Page 188

In Search of Monster Carp
Mirror 25lb 5oz, Road Lake.
So I went back to work, but I was
staying in regular contact with Nigel,
who was hell bent on the Dink. He
picked off a few of the other ones he
wanted at the back end of the season,
and he’d had a recapture of the Lin.
While I was back at work he had
another one, the Missing Starburst,
which is a fish that he wanted. I think
at one point I was on seven or eight
fish and Nigel was on nine or ten, so
he was picking them off. I was doing
my bit and it was going to plan, and
as I said, I had got my head round
what I was meant to be doing. I think
the bait thing helped immensely; I
was more than confident in what had
happened with my bait for that season, and it was just a matter of time. I
kept thinking, keep working your way
through, not the lesser fish, because I
don’t want to call any fish lesser fish,
to me they’re all worthy captures, but
some of the smaller ones, and the big
ones will come along.
Now there’s an area on here, the
Bar, which I said Pete had done well
out of during the previous the season.
I t ’s a k n o w n C l o v e r s p o t , a n d
although I was picking fishing out of
the Hump, I didn’t know how much
longer I could keep going in there
before it was just doing the 20’s; I
couldn’t see another big fish coming
from it. Well that was the biggest mis-
take I made, because I pulled out of
the Hump, started fishing up onto the
Bar, and Micky came in and had the
Dink from it. Like I said, when your
name is on them, it’s on them, and fair
play to Mick; his name was obviously
on it. He’d had Clover a month previously from the Bar, at 41lb, and then
he’d had the Dink at 39lb, so that was
Micky done and dusted. He pretty
much had the full set I think, apart
from the Brown, so Micky was gone.
I had started to concentrate a lot on
the Bar, and I remember my first session up there. I’d never fished the
swim before, but I knew roughly
where a couple of the spots were. It’s
a bit of an isolated swim; you’re down
there on your own, and no one really
comes down to see you, which is
what I like. I do like my own space
when I’m fishing. It’s nice to have a
social, see your mates and have a
laugh and that, but I also like my own
company sometimes. I remember
crashing out that night; I’d had a couple of cans of beer and something to
eat, and it was blistering hot. About
1am a group of swans landed on the
lake, and I’d had a couple of bleeps.
The bar is a shallow part of the lake,
and as I looked up, I saw these swans,
and I thought they’d obviously just
picked my line up with their feet, so I
didn’t think any more of it. I must
have dropped back off to sleep, and at
about 4am I had a few single beeps.
As I looked out, I saw the bobbin was
rammed up to the butt, and if you’d
been here at the time, it must have
looked so blasé the way I went over to
the rod. I was looking for the swans,
and it still hadn’t registered that it’s a
bite. I was thinking, bloody swans.
So, I pulled the bobbin down, and
as I let go of it, it cracked back into
the rod, and since I was half asleep, it
still hadn’t registered that it was a
bite. I was sitting there thinking, I
remember this happened to Pete, and
I don’t want to strike it, because Pete
had a similar sort of thing; he struck it
and there was nothing there. I didn’t
want to start recasting at prime time,
so I pulled down on the line again, let
it go, and when it hit the butt this
time it suddenly dawned on me that it
was a fish. So I picked the rod up and
leant into it, but it didn’t do much; it
was just doing a bit of plodding. I
pulled it in, netted it, and I thought it
was a good mid-20. As I was looking
at it, my mate Steve came round, and
as we righted it in the net, that mid-20
suddenly got a bit bigger. I got my
head torch on it, and it was unmistakeably the Big Lin. She was down in
weight, at under 35lb, but I was more
than happy with that – another one
that I wanted to catch, and another
one of the so-called A-team.
So I did the photos, put her back,
and I was buzzing that day. I managed to get a rod tight to another
bank of weed just off the bar where I
had seen some fish moving. There
was a bit of fizzing going on and at
6pm it pinged off on the chod rig
again, and I had another recapture of
a fish called Fergie, a small common
that has been in here for years. I think
it’s one of the oldest fish in here, so I
was more than happy with that. It
was another recapture, but I was getting the confidence up, and I knew I
was doing something right; I knew if I
could get on them I’d get a pick-up.
Like I said, it was all beginning to fall
into place quite nicely.
I pulled off that weekend, came
back up the following weekend, and
ended up in the Hump again. I had
spoken to Nigel that week; he’d been
in the Dog. He was up the day before
me, and he’d been lucky enough to
have a recapture of one of the A-team,
but I can’t remember which one it
was. I was setting up in the Hump


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