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In Search of Monster Carp
with him, and we had quite a good
social that night, sitting up to about 1
or 2am. I had a bite at 6am, and as I
went down to the rod, I was thinking,
he hasn’t woken up. I thought right,
this is payback time, so I was going to
get it in the net as quick as possible,
and then go up with a cup of tea and
poke it round the door for him.
So I was playing this fish, trying to
get it in, and he turned up behind me
and said, “You got one on, mate?” I
thought, oh that’s that one blown; I
can’t have my little joke with him. I
don’t know if it was a bit of green eye
at one point, but I reckon he was trying to knock this fish off because it
took him four attempts to net it. He
was stabbing at it, and I said to him,
“Do you need a pair of glasses?” and
he started laughing. Anyway we got
this fish in the net, and it was another
recapture of the Son of Shoulders, an
upper double. So he’d had one the
night before, and I’d had one. We were
both sitting there just looking out at
the lake, he was getting ridiculous
amounts of fizzing up over his spots,
and it ripped off, and he had a nice
m i d - 3 0 m i r r o r. T h i s w a s a b o u t
6.30am, and it was the old déjà vu of
Mirror, 26lb 5oz, Road Lake.
the back end of the season; I was
beginning to ghillie for him again,
which he made me well aware of, and
the Buddha was still stationed at the
back of the bank stick. So after doing
the photos for him, and having two
cans of Fosters left from the previous
night, I said to him, “Come on Nigel,
you’ve just had a brace of 30’s, you’ve
got to celebrate!” He was like, “No,
leave off, John,” and I said, “No, come
on, have a can of Fosters.” So we were
sitting there at 7am having a Fosters
each, and I must admit that it pretty
much monged us for about an hour or
two, and after that, we sat here looking out at the lake, not really saying
About 9 or 10am, he had another
absolute one-noter, and it weeded
him playing it in. Anyway, as soon as
the back broke the surface, we both
knew it was the Dink. I don’t want to
steal Nigel’s thunder here, because
it’s his story, but it was just the build
up of what happened over those 48
hours. Anyway, we got it into the net,
and I shook his hand, because that
was him done and dusted; he’d had
what he set out to catch, which was
the Dink, and I was happy for him, but
a bit gutted in that it was the end of a
g o o d f r i e n d s h i p o n h e r e. We ’ v e
become good mates now, and we had
a good social that day with a BBQ, but
that was Nigel off to pastures new, as
they say.
So at that point, I still was picking
off the odd one, and like I said, the last
main capture I had was the Lin from
the Bar. I’d picked off another couple
out of the Bar, and then I had came
back down in middle of October. I
was fishing back in Chestnuts, and I
had a nice 26lb linear, fishing across
to the Dell on a chod rig, so I was
more than happy. That capture was
my 13th fish, and I had dropped four. I
think two did me in a snag; there was
nothing I could do, and I had had a
couple of hook pulls, which just happen. So I pulled off again, and came
back the following weekend. I had
been baiting Chestnuts quite a bit up
to this point, but I was doing a lot of
time in the Bar because Chestnuts, as
I said, was known as the winter swim.
I was being a bit sneaky, and I was
hammering quite a bit of bait in of a
night, over into the Dell, and the more
time I was doing in the Bar, the more
I was hearing them in the Dell of a


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