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In Search of Monster Carp
Mirror, 23lb, Sutton.
night, and I knew they were on my
bait. I could hear them crashing in
there, and I kept thinking just hold off
a little bit longer until you get a nice
south westerly, and it will be primed,
which I did.
I managed to get back in there the
following weekend. I had a bite, and
as I was playing it, which happens on
the chod rigs, the hook just fell out. It
was on for a couple of minutes, and
then it just dropped off, so I was cursing my luck a little bit. I managed to
get a rod back over there, which I
thought I had mucked up, because it
took four or five casts to get it bangon where I wanted to get it. It was out
there no more than an hour, and the
left hand rod was away again. I was
watching this fish, and as I got it
towards the back of the island, it
came up on its side, and all I could see
was a really deep cream belly, so my
initial thoughts were, that this was it,
this was Clover. I was getting it
closer, and it was getting bigger and
bigger, and I thought this is definitely
it. As we got it in the net, it was actually a recapture of the Big Lin, but up
in weight at just over 37lb this time,
so she was 3lb up on what I had
caught her at last time. So we photographed that, I was more than
happy. Alright it was a recapture, but
she looked more healthy at that
weight than at a low weight; she
looked very spawned out as a low-30.
I hammered another load of bait in
before I left.
A fella called Slippery John came
up, who didn’t know that I had been
baiting Chestnuts for about five or six
weeks, went in there himself, and
bagged the Dink, which was hard to
take. I thought I was a bit unlucky, as
I had spent a lot of time prepping that
area. With that another angler went in
there and had Clover! So I was bang
on for both the big’uns, but it just
wasn’t meant to be. Like I say I had
walked away from there with the Linear; John had the Dink, and another
fella had Clover, and then the same
fella went back in there and had the
Scattered, so those fish were in that
area because of my bait – I know for a
fact that no one else was baiting it.
There wasn’t a lot I could do, and fishing is a bit funny like that sometimes;
you feel hard done by, but you just
have to get on with it. I just look at it
that it’s obviously not my turn or time
to catch those two just yet.
I went back down to Sutton, and I
think I had another 30lb common out
of there, so my 2008/09 season is not
over and done with, but we’re into the
last month. I think my fishing time
next year is going to be very hard. I’ve
gone and got engaged, and I’m getting married in June of the following
year. I have rejoined the Road Lake
though, because I still want either
Clover or the Dink. My fishing is
going to be very limited next year, but
I’ll just keep coming back, flitting in
and out, and hopefully my turn will
come. Perhaps I’ll be that lucky angler
that turns up and doesn’t do a lot of
time, but manages to winkle one or
two of the ones that I haven’t caught.
There are probably eight or nine that
I’ve got left to catch, but they’re all
over 30lb. I’ve been fortunate enough
to catch a lot of the back-up fish, and
I’ve got quite a good album building
up on the Road Lake now. We’re up to
the last month of the season, and it’s
only done one bite so far since Christmas, which was a 22lb common, so


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