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In Search of Monster Carp
fter Conningbrook
there was one
water I had in
mind; a lake by the
name of the Ocean.
It’s one of the few
lakes about that there is still a little bit
of mystery about; it was the lake that
Jim Gibbinson fished in the early
days, and I think he caught a 31 or
32lb’er years ago. It’s a pretty big lake,
but the main problem is disturbance
from dogs swimming, divers, windsurfers and everything. At the weekend it’s like a campsite, and it really is
a pain in the bum, plus the place is
infested with eels, so it makes fishing
with boilies extremely difficult. To me,
to be honest, it was more of a viable
fishing proposition than Conningbrook because it was actually in
between where I lived and work, so it
was easy to go there every day and
bait up. However, there was no point
baiting up with boilies because they’d
be eaten by the eels.
Anyway, I eventually started on
there, I think, in March. You were
allowed to do what you liked; you
could go out in boats, you could do
absolutely anything, but the problem
was if you were out in a boat with
your tackle on the bank, the chances
are your tackle might be stolen. I
went on there with the bread method,
and the first night, which was March
time, I actually caught one; a fish of
about 12lb, but it was my first fish on
a new water, and a hard water at that,
so it was quite pleasing. Unfortunately it was downhill from then on. I
(Above) Larky 1.
(Below) 19lb, Ocean.
was fishing and baiting it almost
every day, and I had one little period
where I was baiting a big plateau in
the lake. I thought it had got to be the
spot, but every time I fished it I was
plagued with bream. I probably did
about 20 nights in that area, and
caught bream every time, but there


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