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From Horton to Paradise
east bank end of the lake for my next
few visits, and I duly blanked in Pub
Pallets over the next couple of trips.
The spot was still being fed on, and
the lead was going down with a real
good thump by the end of June.
It was now early July, and I turned
up at the lake to do a two-night session. There were a fair few cars present, but lo and behold not a soul fishing down the east bank end, only one
guy fishing the RIP swim. I checked
out the Pub Pallet swim and just
didn’t fancy it, so I decided to set my
stall up in the Lodge Steps swim.
There was a nice small bed of lilies
just out to my right, so I had a quick
lead around that and found a nice firm
spot just short of the small set of pads.
That would do for my right hand rod,
and the left hand one would go out to
the spot where I’d caught Hercules
from a couple of seasons previously.
After putting half a dozen spods out
on each spot and some chopped
KG1’s, it was time for me to get my
head down for some much needed
sleep. I was very confident with the
bait and rig I was using, as the KG1
just seemed to be getting better and
better all the time, and had accounted
for some really nice fish up and down
the country. I’ve now been using it for
over three years, and have no intention to change tactics bait-wise, so
many thanks to uncle Bob and the
team at Richworth. I have always
liked a plum attractor in a base mix,
but I also know what else complements it. It’s an old favorite used by
many top anglers overseas, and if it
was good enough for them to catch
mahoosive lumps with, then it was
kosher with me, and left me in no
doubt that I was sitting on a winner.
The simple rig had always worked
well, so with those worries well and
truly out of my mind, I could lie back
and dream of a nice big carp hoovering up my hookbait.
After a good sleep, I woke up
around 6pm, and it was a gorgeous
summer’s evening. Del the head bailiff
informed me there had been a few
fish down this end of the lake in the
afternoon, so after a chat and a smoke
I was more than happy to crack open
a couple of nice cold beers from the
fridge in the lodge, and take in the
atmosphere of Horton. There was a
nice light westerly wind blowing
down the lake, coming from left to
right, pushing steadily up my way.
The Boxer at 35lbs.
They were perfect conditions, I
thought, for a few carp to want to be
at this end of the pond in the morning,
hopefully for a feed up. I then started
to think about the Germans on holiday for some reason; you know how
they get up so early to secure their
place by the pool with their beach
towels on the sun loungers? It’s funny
the thoughts that can go through
your mind when dangling, I stayed
awake until around 3am, and heard a
few carp crash out during the night,
but nothing right on top of me.
The next thing I knew I was in a
battle to get free from the sleeping
bag. It was 9.30am, and the right hand
buzzer had signaled a take. On picking up the rod, I soon realized that it
was a good fish, and that’s when the
adrenalin started to course through
my veins at an alarming rate. That’s
what it’s all about, I say, and if you
lose that buzz then it may be time to
take up golf or another sport, and I’m
more than sure that’s why we all do it.
After a short but spirited fight, I had
won the day, and the fish was in the
net. I instantly knew it was a very
large mirror, and that she would go
over the magical 40lb mark. A small
crowd soon gathered, and some of the
lads helped with the weighing. On the
scales she went 41lb 12oz, and turned
out to be a fish called Scar. I was over
the moon with the capture, and things
really couldn’t get much better for me.
Having now banked two of Horton’s famous residents, naturally I
was on a high, and the carp god was
being kind to me. After packing up on
the Wednesday, I decided to put some
more bait on the Pub Pallets spot – a
k i l o o f 1 4 mm KG 1 ’s , a ga l l o n o f
hempseed, and a kilo of 2.3mm pellets, just to keep the spot clean and
give them a free meal whilst I was
away. Also this would give them confidence to come in and have a feed
The next seven shifts at work
seemed to last an eternity, and I was
chomping at the bit to get back to the
lake. Thursday morning arrived, and I
set off up the M25 to junction 14,
arriving at the lake just after 7am. It
was still quite busy for midweek, and
Steve had done a work night in Pub
Pallets but had had no joy. I had a
three-night session available to me, so
I was keen to get back in the Pallets,
as I was sure this area could produce
another fish or two for me. By this
time there was a distinct glow coming from the area that I had been concentrating my efforts on, which
bought a pleasant smile to my face as
I knew the spot was being visited on
a regular basis. That session passed
with one tench of around 7lb falling to
my left hand rod. On leaving the
swim, I topped up the spot yet again
with more happiness in the form of
KG1 hemp and pellets. That was eight


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