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From Horton to Paradise
cial memories that I would be taking
back home with me. This really is a
very special place, and there is only
one word to truly describe it – Paradise. I had eventually got the Siamese
carp on the feed from my longerrange spots, and finished up with a
tally of 13 hard-fighting carp going
towards the magical 50lb-mark.
As a footnote I would like to say
many, many thanks Stuart for giving
me the holiday of a lifetime; one that I
surely will never forget. The same
goes to Sean and Noi, in fact the
whole team at Gillhams Fishing
Resort. I would rate this fishery as
easily one of, if not the very best in the
world. n
(Above) Sean, me and one of the
guides with Harry Palmer at 85kg.
(Right) Gollock, me and The Boss Stu –
75kg. Happy days!
(Bottom) A Siamese carp over 40lb –
deep joy.
and more importantly when, as these
fish can be extremely dangerous if not
handled correctly. Up and down the
margins this fish went, one way then
the other, and I was beginning to
think I may never land it. The adrenalin was coursing through my veins as
Sean made the first attempt to lead
the huge fish into the waiting cage,
but no, not this time lads – Harry
Palmer was having none of it. Off on
another short but powerful run he
went, and by this time I was praying
to the Buddha on the opposite bank
that he wouldn’t shed the hook. On
the third attempt the big roar went
up, as at last my dream fish had been
expertly led into the cage by Sean and
Gollock. I was on cloud nine, and we
tried to contact Stuart to let him know
that I had caught my first arapaima,
but unfortunately he was engaged in
a meeting at the time, and was gutted
that he could not share my joy. I was
as happy as Larry with this beautiful
fish, and lo and behold I had another
good one later on that evening, which
Stuart was able to witness, and also
help with the caging of the fish and
the trophy shot.
There were plenty of reasons to go
out and celebrate, and with Stuart’s
partner Benz returning from a trip to
her home near Bangkok the following
day, a night out was arranged for the
Saturday. I wanted to thank Stuart,
Sean, Noi, and Gollock for all the spe-


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