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Richie Leat fished the New Forest Water Park and landed this 34lb
mirror. He also had another two mirrors, both doubles, that were
slipped back. He said, “I was fishing with a Ronnie rig with Dynamite
Banana and Pineapple Fluoro pop-ups presented over bait mix. My
mix was Monster Tiger Nut boilies soaked in the yellow Sweet Tiger
Liquid Food with a squirt of each Evolution oils two days before
fishing with a whole jar of Dynamite Chilli Frenzied Hemp, half a jar
of Dynamite Frenzied Maize, a bag of each Tiger Nut and Complex-T
pellets added to the boilies. A good amount of tiger nut attract liquid
was added over the pellet. I fished again two nights later using
exactly the same bait mix and the method on the terminal tackle. I
caught this mirror in the photos and a low 20. I had the bites on a
different pop-up the second night. The bites were both on the Tiger
Nut pop-ups soaking in Tiger Nut oil.”
Colin Pierce with his first experience of Sandhurst Lake on a Viper
Tackle team social, and he smashed his mirror PB. He cast a Ronnie
rig with a whittled-down Northern Baits Evolution pop-up on.
Around 7pm whilst eating his tea, his alarm screamed into life, and
after a hard fought battle of around ten minutes, this beautiful 35lb
2oz Sandhurst mirror rolled over the net cord.
Danny Johnson was fishing the famous Sandhurst Lake for a team
social with Viper Tackle. He decided to put a Northern Baits 15mm
Evolution pop-up on a Ronnie rig using a Viper Tackle Curve Shank
hook and a few freebies put out with the throwing stick. Just after
sunrise, he had a single beep and then an aggressive take, which
resulted in a lovely common weighing in at 31lb 2oz and a new PB.
Marv Wait from Sheffield with a lovely 23lb 10oz common caught
from a day ticket water using a Monster Tiger Nut food bait pop-up
that’s been soaking in the Sweet Tiger liquid.
Ash Bailey with a scaly mirror caught on Complex-T pop-ups and
baited with 15mm and 10mm Complex-T and a jar of chilli hemp and
some pellets.
Robert Hall caught a pretty special fish that goes by the name of Pecs
and was told it could be up to 40 years old! It weighed in at 28lb 8oz,
caught on a glugged Source hardened hook bait tipped with a piece
of plastic corn in a solid bag. He put a cork insert in the boilie to create
a wafter. The bag mix was marine halibut pellets, Complex-T boilie
crumb, ground bait and Robin Red liquid.


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