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Ability Tackle Team Members
Gaz Brown & Angie Brown
Gaz Brown and Partner Angie spent 48 hours on Barston Lakes near
Solihull, andwhat a weekend! They had 71 carp between them to 19lb
2oz! Rigs were quite simple: fluorocarbon D-rigs with the awsome Ability
Curve Shank in a size 6 did the business –brilliant! Here’s just a selection to
wet your whistle.
Ability Tackle Team Member Abbie Louise
Abbie Louise was out on the bank catching, and all fish were caught on a
simple hair rig with the size 4 Ability Classic hook and size 8 rolling swivel. She’s
really pleased to have caught her first carp on the Ability Tackle.
Ability Tackle Team Member Lee Leach
I started my session with my left hand rod in open water with a simple KDrig made out of an Ability Tackle size 6 Curve hook, quick link swivel, anti
tangle sleeve and also the lead clips and rubbers. At 8:20am, I landed my
first fish at 15lb 10oz, which came from my
left hand rod. Shortly after putting that fish
back, my right hand rod ripped off like a
rocket and to top it off it went 16lb 4oz.
After all the action in my area, the fish
moved away from open water and came
closer to the bank. I wasn’t going to sit on
my hands and wait for them to move again,
so I put my left hand rod down the margin
on a snowman rig made from Ability tackle
components. BEEPPPPPPP – 19lb on the
button, a new PB and I was over the moon.
After waiting so long to beat my old one, it
was very welcome. I kept baiting the
margin with matching boilies and some
particle to keep the fish on the feed.
Between 10am and 12pm, I had another
three fish from the margin, which went
15lb 12oz, 17lb 10oz and 12lb 8oz. All but
one fish so far had come from my right hand rod, so I decided to put my
right hand on of a snowman rig made from Ability components. I put 1520 loose matching baits around the spot to get the fish confident in
feeding. After 1pm, the margin went
quiet and the island started to get more
active, so I was expecting something to
happen. After waiting 20 minutes, I was
starting to wonder if something was
wrong with the rig or bait, but all of a
sudden, it was ripping off with a fish,
which weighed in at 15lb 11oz, but is
wasn’t over then. I had other two fish on
that rod within the next hour and half,
and they weighed in at 15lb 7oz and 15lb
10oz. I finished my session with two more
fish: one stunning mirror coming from my
left hand rod, which went 17lb 6oz and
another common from my right hand rod
at 15lb 12oz. Altogether I finished with
11 fish: nine commons and two mirrors,
all but one over 15lb and a new PB. I
couldn’t have asked for a better day.
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