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The Angling
Bait Companying
he Free Line magazine team
has had the pleasure of visiting
a very good and well
established bait company, and it’s
ready to make its mark on the carp
fishing market; a diamond in the
rough, tucked away out in the
middle of the Shropshire country
side. Yes, it has been hidden away,
but The Angling bait company is
already a very well recognized
business, but is very much off the
radar for many carp anglers, as it
has mainly concentrated its efforts
on the match fishing industry for a
good number of years now. It offers
a huge array of products and after
having a great meeting, walk around
and conversation with owners
Denzil Thorpe and Diane Thorpe it is
clear they have plenty to offer us
carp fisherman.
Over time and from its humble
beginnings, The Angling Bait
Company has been built on strong
foundations, taking its time to
expand and grow; this has possibly
got something to do with Denzil and
Diane’s keen business acumen.
They have taken what was initially a
worm farm, bought by Denzil a
number of years ago, and by
combining his knowledge and
experience of match fishing and
competition angling, which helped
him to win many regional and
national matches, plus adding into
the mix his desire to learn all he can
about fish behaviour and their
needs, has all been the catalyst
helping to bring together what the
company it is today.
Because of his drive to win, and
learn, it has meant Denzil’s mission
over the years has been to take in
all he can about the dietary
requirements of fish, their natural
behaviours and what ultimately
first orders of
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ding livebait)
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Due to their service and
quality they are able to
offer their customers,
they are fast becoming
the bait company on
everyone’s doorstep.
attracts them to feed, again, all
helping him to catch fish. All this
knowledge has prompted him to
produce and allow The Angling Bait
Company the ability to offer exactly
what anglers need to better their
chances of catching fish; not just
carp. Good quality natural baits and
attractants, sourced from the best
possible places, and all offered at
great affordable prices… from Dads
and lads getting on the bank
together, to the professional angler
needing the best quality bait and
ingredients; they have made sure
fisherman get the best baits for the
task in hand and not feel out of
pocket in the process.
To say the company has grown is
an understatement; and when I say
grown, many would pale into
insignificance against them and
what they have achieved so far. We
were blown away by exactly what
was sitting hidden behind their wellpresented reception and office area
at the front of their building. They
have not done things by halves,
boasting now over 40,000sqft of
storage, in their four warehouses.
These warehouses contain
everything from fully packaged
products, pellets, raw ingredients,
liquids, worms and maggots, to
name but a few things. They have
their own walk in freezers for
maggots, worms, casters and other
bait storage, they house machinery
for ground baits, particle production,


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