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Diary of a Carp Addict
25lb mirror to boot. I was keeping in
touch with Ian Poole, who was fishing
at Wellington, and he informed me
that the fish were held up in the
weedbeds at either end of the lake. He
had caught around six fish up to 40lb
4oz, a fish known as Drop Scale, and a
36lb common, so he I was having a
great season. I arrived at Welly, armed
with my new bait and ready to go. I
called in to Ian who was still there,
but he had not had any action in the
last 48 hours. But as I looked across
the bay, the water was nearly yellow
where they were having it big time.
Ian suggested a swim opposite,
which would have been bang-on, but
it had tons of weed in front, and it
would have meant a whole day clearing it. I was worried that might have
pushed the fish out of the bay, plus I
would need some sort of rake that I
didn’t have with me. This trip really
would just be a recce, and next time I
My first 40lb common, 43.8
would be prepared. The other swims
in the bay were occupied, so I opted
for a swim that covered a channel
that went into the Bramble bay, from
where I could also keep an eye on
things that were going on in the bay.
As I was setting up, I just knew I
should have been fishing in the bay.
Ian had gone home and his swim was
now vacant, and a very good fish
launched itself right out just off the
treeline in the bay. Enough was
enough, so everything was packed up
and loaded back on the barrow, and I
made my way back round to the
vacant swim. I thought I would use
the swim as a base camp and stalk
the bay during the day, because all
the activity was across the other side
of bay, and hope some fish would turn
up in front of me at night. I got two
rods together and all the bits for stalking, and made my way around the bay
baiting a few spots along the way.
The bay was full of weed, and for the
moment the fish were staying put. I
fished a couple of likely spots for a
few hours, and although there were a
lot of fish about, no chances came my
way. They were probably so preoccupied with the natural food sources to
even consider a boilie. Then it started
to really cloud over, and since it was
already late afternoon, I decided to
make way back to base camp and
return the next day.
Another angler called in to say
hello, a chap called Rick Golder, and
what a nice bloke, I thought when I
first met him. It’s nice when you go
somewhere new, and people come
across like that; it really makes you
feel welcome. At the end of the day I
was new on the water, and they had
every right to check me out, but
everyone I met was ok really – just
anglers doing their bit. Rick and I
chatted for a while, and as he left we


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