FL09June - Page 68

Diary of a Carp Addict
bid each other good luck, and he said
if I got one he would do some shots
for me. Around five-ish Kenny, a
Wellington bailiff, came by and asked
if I minded if he stalked the bay for a
couple of hours. Of course I didn’t, so
I told him to go for it. Anyway, I
needed to get my rods ready, as it
would soon be dark. I had a quick
plumb about, and found a couple of
spots just short of the weedbeds. I
spodded out some hemp, corn and
10mm Scopex Squids, around 15
spods on each spot, and then scattered some more 10 and 15mm boilies
around each area – job done. I only
used two rods, as there was nowhere
else for another, and on each spot I
fished my old favourite, the snowman.
So, both rods were out, so it was time
for a bit of grub and a chill out. Conditions were really good; it was bangon, and I saw Kenny moving around
the bay having a go. The fish were
starting to show, and there were some
proper lumps out there, but all the
activity was beyond a big weedbed
the other side to where I was fishing.
Hopefully, I thought, during the night
they would move around it to my side,
and I might have a chance.
(Top) At just over 40lb, what a start.
(Right) Bck to her mates.
It must have been about 7.30-ish
when all of a sudden the left hand rod
just tore off. I was on it quickly, and I
held the rod high, not wanting the fish
to get in the massive weedbed. It was
a powerful fight and it took some taming, but during the fight it made it into
one of the smaller weedbeds, and
with its vision now obscured with its
eyes covered, I gained some control,
but only for a while, then once again
fish was in charge, and it was off
again. The lake is very shallow, so you
do need waders; I was on the bank,
but at some stage I would need to be
in the water. It wasn’t a problem; I
don’t mind getting wet, but I did have
a set of waders if you know what I
mean. Just then in the dark I heard
Kenny’s voice, “Hello Jerry, they are
really showing out there – you might
be in with a chance tonight.” I replied,
“I’m already in Kenny – I’ve got one
on!” I don’t think he could see from
where he was. What a result – some
help! I had already had the fish on a


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