FL09June - Page 69

Diary of a Carp Addict
(Left) A stunning day break at Welly.
(Below) I ran straight in, in just my
fair while, but Kenny was absolutely
brilliant. I undid my boots while
Kenny sorted my chest waders out,
and before you knew it, I was waterbound and felt a lot better. I kept saying to Ken that this one was having a
right go, and Kenny was a real help;
he was in the water up to his boot
limit and beyond with the net – what
a player. This fish was a hard one to
land; it took my other rod out, and it
went through every weedbed, but
somehow I managed to land it. Kenny
noticed it was a common, and a big
one at that. I was getting all the bits
ready, and he kept saying, “It’s a big
fish Jerry – it might be one of the big
commons,” but to be honest I hadn’t
really had a good look at it. He called
me over and we tilted the net, which
revealed its depth. “Bloody hell,” I
said, “it’s big.” Once I had sorted all
the bits, I lifted the net out of the
water, and then I knew it was mas-
sive. You can imagine how I was feeling. As I lifted the weigh sling, the
needle went right round to past 40lb,
and we settled at 40lb 2oz. I was gobsmacked; I didn’t dream I would be
catching my second 40lb common. I
got on the phone to Rick, and he was
soon round to do some photos. He
was really chuffed for me, as was
Kenny. All the photos were done –
thanks Rick, and thanks to Kenny, as
without him I would have struggled.
And to top it Kenny came back from
his truck with two bottles of beer –
thanks, mate.
After Kenny and Rick had gone the
swim was like a bombsite, but did I
care? I’d just caught a 40lb common!
Eventually I sorted the rods out, and
slipped in to the old bag. Sleep was
out of the question, and one of the
rods kept bleeping. I was using a lead
eject setup, and I had a feeling the
lead was off. I reeled in and I was
right, so a couple of casts later I was
back in the bag. I hardly slept a wink,
and the fish were going mad, some of


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