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Diary of a Carp Addict
them sounding like hippos – this
surely was Jurassic Park! Because I
knew if I had another I would have to
go in, I decided to sleep, if at all possible, in just my underwear and a Tshirt so I could just wade in if I
needed to. At about 3.30am I awoke
for a leak, and decided to recast that
rod again, and was much happier
with it this time. Early morning came;
it was absolutely pissing down, and at
7.30am, the left rod was off. I leapt out
in my pants, and realized that the
park was open and dog walkers
would be about – rain doesn’t stop
them. As I picked the rod up, I darted
back into the bivvy, and whilst still
playing the fish, I got dressed in my
chest waders and waterproof jacket.
How I did it, I will never know, but I
did. Just then a Welly angler named
Dave had turned up to fish. He probably saw me running around in my
pants and thought, what’s that nutter
doing? This was another good battle,
not as long as the common, but it took
my other rod out again, and after a
while I steered another good fish in
the net – a mirror this time. Dave was
looking after the fish whilst I got
every thing ready, and he kept saying
that it was a big fish. I thought it was
(Left) The Dark One, 41lb.
(Below) A brace of 40’s magic.


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