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Diary of a Carp Addict
managed to draw the fish out in the
end, but I had a big load of weed
around my line. I could see the fish, a
nice mirror, but the ball of weed was
causing problems. I kept telling Dave
to try to get the weed off the line, then
to get the fish in the net, then, hold
up, no, get the weed off! Poor sod,
sorry mate; he didn’t know what to
do. Dave landed the mirror, and at first
we both thought I had caught another
40lb’er. It had a lump on its side and
looked very big – could it be Lumpy,
another character in the lake? As I
lifted it out of the water, I knew it
wasn’t that big, well at least not a 40,
but it was a corker at 34lb 8oz, and
very much appreciated. I spoke to
(Top left) Don’t eat these.
(Top right) Check the weed out.
(Below) Another mid 30, it was worth
waking Miles.
Tim Wagner later, and he said it might
be a fish called Black Spot, one that
hasn’t been out much; this was
maybe its second capture this season.
Cheers Dave for the photos – we got
some good ones. These fish had such
big frames, and I knew that in a few
years’ time, they would be some of
the biggest fish in the country. Later
that day Rick came round, and whilst
he was there I caught a little stockie –
a really nice fish, full of scales. If the
stockies grow like the others well
then Jurassic Park will be a mad, mad
Later that evening at least three
other anglers moved into the bay.
Straight away I thought it was over,
and to be honest I never saw another
fish show; they must have felt the
pressure, and started to move out. I
was not hearing any fish at all that
night; I thought I would be in for a
good sleep, and then home in the
morning. I was lying on the bed, in full
battle dress chest waders, thinking I
was due for some sort of foot rot (they
were doing my head in), when out the
blue I had another take. I was out
there quickly, but the fish weeded
itself straight away. However, with
weed over its head I had an easy
fight, and soon landed another big
These fish were massive, and I
wasn’t sure just how big it was. I
reeled in and went and got Miles Gascoigne. He and his Jack Russell were
probably pushing z’s when I awoke
them, sorry mate, but it was a good
fish, and I didn’t want to just let it go.
Anyway it weighed 35lb 8oz, and I
got some photos too, so I was well
happy. The next morning it was like
monsoon weather, really chucking it
down. I hadn’t heard any carp in the
night, and I believe that they had
moved out. Rick had caught a consolation prize a 28lb common, and I did
see a few in the open water, so they
would not have gone too far for very
long. I had the session that dreams
are made of, and I would class that as
a very memorable one, so thanks to
Kenny, Rick, Dave and Miles, and to
Wadey for the champagne.
Happy Christmas everyone, and
have a very memorable new year. n


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