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International Virgin
in the motor while I was still buzzing.
I had been up since 7am the previous
morning, and still couldn’t sleep, so I
went wandering a few miles up and
downstream of where Richard had
It was quite dark whilst I walked
along the river, and at one point I
nearly had a nasty accident as I
stepped into a hole in the bank and
nearly twisted my ankle. At that point
I decided to make my way back to the
motor and just sit by the river. I got
my first glimpse of a French carp as a
common of around 20lbs leaped out
just a few yards out under my feet.
Over the next hour I watched and
heard countless fish crash out as I
watched the river flow by me, and I
was dying to get my rods out of the
truck. Of course our gear was all
mixed up together to make it fit, and
also they were both using the rod
holdalls as pillows, so I had to just
wait until the old farts woke up.
Eventually morning arrived and
they slowly woke up. We then went
on a drive around the local area, looking for a good area for us to fish, and
picked up our licences from a local
tabac. After a couple of hours further
driving around, we settled by the
entrance to the Grosne river on the
Soane. It was Sunday morning, and
the re w e re qui te a fe w G e rma n
anglers slowly packing up on the
Grosne, which put us off from fishing
on there for now. I decided to set up
50yds upstream of the entrance, with
River Saone 46lb


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