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International Virgin
(Left) Big leads needed for the Saone.
(Below) I prefer Tulip Beads to lead
clips, making the fish feel the lead
that much quicker.
(Bottom) Rig used for the Saone, nice
and simple.
both Richard and Simon setting up
just downstream of the entrance. I
had a lead around, and found the bottom to be quite uniform, with some
weed close in to me. We then donned
our lifejackets and went out in
Richard’s boat. It confirmed where I
wanted to fish, just past the weed at
between 40 and 50yds range. I got my
rods out, baited up with about 50
boilies around each rod, and it wasn’t
long until I was in, but the fight was
short lived, and the fish came off. This
happened on two more occasions
within a couple of hours. In the
As I hit the rod I
could feel the
strength of the
fish as it
powered off to
my right with
the flow of the
evening I wound in my rods, so I went
and had dinner and a glass of wine
with the lads.
On returning to my swim, I put
some more bait out and cast each of
the rods on top, at 40, 45 and 50yds
range. It was raining when I received
a fast take on the middle rod. As I hit
the rod I could feel the strength of the
fish as it powered off to my right with
the flow of the river. I slowly pumped
the fish in, and Richard came running
up to lend a hand with the net. It was
hard to see the fish in the dark as it
swirled around on top, but as it
neared the net we thought it might be
something special. We peered into
the net and this big pale linear just
filled it. Richard looked after the fish
as I got everything ready, and we
were all really buzzing as the needle
settled on 46lbs exactly. My first fish
from a French river, and what a fish to
open the account with! We were all
elated, and Richard grabbed hold of
me and lifted me in the air celebrating. We all then got back under our
brollies and out of the rain. I put the
kettle on and had a celebratory
cuppa. I then set about getting the
rod back out, and topped the area up
with some more boilies.
By the morning I’d had a couple of
doubles, and I went up to Richard and
Simon’s to see how their nights had
gone. They had also had a few double


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