FL09June - Page 96

All Things Riggy
important component in any rig! Not
being a big fan of long shank hooks, I
felt it was a risk I was not willing to
take. Although a short shanked hook
would not have as big a gape
between point and hook section of
the hooklink as a long shank, I felt as
long as I used a fairly large sized
hook, the shorter shank would not be
any less effective but would give me a
much more secure hook old. As the
ESP Big Ts had already accounted for
the captures on the Car Park of Single
Scale, The Big Orange and Pearly Tail
twice, as well as three of the commons, I had faith in the pattern, so
upping the hook size to a 5 gave me a
good length of shank and gape width,
as well as strength and hooking
potential. The in-turned eye and
straight point was essential as the inturned eye creates the right angle for
the hooklink and a sharp straight
point is at its most "catchable" to nick
the carp’s lip/mouth. A beaked point
hook would be ineffective with this
rig, as the point would be shielded
and unable to freely catch hold.
1. Step 3 – add a hook bead.
2. Step 4 – Tie a micro swivel to a
length of Subterfuge and a size 8 to
the other end.
3. Step 5 – Thread on the boom section
followed by the bead.
4. Step 6 – Tie off with an overhand
(Left) The Dustbin at 40lb 12oz.


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