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All Things Riggy
1. Step 7 – Blob the end.
2. Step 8 – Mould putty around bead.
3. Step 9 – Straighten out boom.
4. New hook of choice for this rig.
(Bottom) The unmistakable Ugloe.
and peeled off. After stripping yards
off me, the fish found an old weedbed,
and with pressure I managed to get
the lot moving. After a few minutes
my good friend Ben Hamilton
stretched out with the net, and on lifting, a small stumpy tail was hanging
out over the drawstring. Knowing
what that tail was attached to, I
plunged my foot into the water and
rig. I was keen to check the hookhold,
so with the help of a few friends, we
lifted her out onto the mats at the
back of the swim, and finding the Big
T firmly planted in the bottom lip, I
was chuffed with the outcome. Ugloe
weighed in at 33lb 15oz, and was certainly in great winter condition.
Using particles a lot the following
summer, the rig didn’t get much of an
outing, but come the winter I quite
often had the rig on both rods. I had to
wait just over a year for another Car
Park bite, as it wasn’t until the last
day of the season that I had my next
one. I’d found a tiny hard spot 20yds
out to the left in Waiting Man’s, and I
had to repeatedly cast until the lead
cracked down so as to be sure the rig
was sitting as I wanted it to. This time
the rig was picked up at 3.30pm having been cast out a couple of hours
earlier along with 30 baits. This take
was a proper one, as after the hanger
pulled up, the line came out the clip


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