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In Search of Monster Carp
ob: So Pete, you’ve
brought us up to your
famous Wraysbury
adventures, which a
lot of people reading
this would know
about, although there are always
youngsters coming into the sport who
probably wouldn’t even have heard of
Pete Springate, so for the benefit of
newcomers and those who have kept
up with your adventures of late,
where have you been fishing for the
last ten years?
Pete: That’s a good question, Rob.
Funnily enough I moved down to
West Sussex about nine years ago,
and just before that, the BCSG got
hold of Korda and Broadwater. I
remembered Broadwater from when I
fished at Harefield, and I knew that it
had a few fish in it because Kenny
and I saw them and heard them when
we fished Harefield. So I went and
had a look at Broadwater, and it was
another bit of heaven, and I got a
Funnily enough I didn’t fish it much
(Top) Round-a-bout Korda.
(Below) 35lb 9oz Korda, May 2007.
the first year, what with one thing and
another. It’s probably about two to
three hundred acres, and we got one
bank of it. Anyway, on my first visit, I
went up for a bank holiday weekend,
and I decided on a spot where I could
see a lot of the water, so if anything
was moving I might have a chance of
seeing it, but it’s a mile from the car
park to the swim. Luckily enough you
can drive your car right along the river
bank and drop your gear off, or that’s
what you are supposed to do, but I
used to drive my Hoover van up there
and then hide it in amongst the
bushes. That first season, I might
have seen one or two fish roll, but
never saw any carp or bream, nothing.
Then I think I went up there a few
times the next season, and saw a few


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