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In Search of Monster Carp
fish. One particular day, I saw shoals
and shoals of bream, and they were
unbelievable; it was mind blowing,
the size of them.
Anyway, I told my mate Dave Ball
about these bream I had seen. I still
hadn’t seen any carp, even though I
had the use of a boat. The carp were
elusive, and I thought to myself there
can’t be many in here. I heard one or
two rumours that there had been one
or two caught over the years, but it
was all an unknown, and that’s what
appealed to me. I thought to myself
there still might be one or two monsters in there. I had never been one for
chasing named fish; I mean Lee Jackson said to me, “Why don’t you go
down after Two Tone?” But that isn’t
me; I like to do my own thing.
Anyway, I told Dave about all these
bream I had seen so he decided to
come up and fish for them. Well the
first one he hooked and landed, which
I netted for him, was 15lb 6oz. They
were bloody enormous these bream. I
thought to myself, I’m using four rods
and getting nothing, so I might just as
well use two rods for carp and two
rods for bream. So I started doing that
and had a few bream myself, and I
had tench to just under 10lb. I think it
was blind in one eye; it looked really
old, but what appealed to me was the
unknown, and the fact that it was
peaceful. It was quiet; I had the river
running behind me so I could dabble
in the river if I wanted to, and I had a
few nice barbel out of the river. But all
the time I was driving past Korda and
people were catching fish on there.
Because I had a little rubber dingy,
the first couple of years they were
coming up to me, asking if they could
borrow it because they were caught
up in the weed, so I never really
looked at Korda.
(Top) 38lb 4oz Korda, May 2007.
(Below left) 33lb 12oz, 2007.
(Below right) 2007 – local club.


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