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In Search of Monster Carp
(Top and bottom) West Sussex, 2007.
I went up a few times in two or
three seasons, and I did see one carp
swim under my rod tips, a common of
about 15lb, but that’s all I had really
seen. I saw carp in the 70’s, and again
they were 12-15lb commons. I do
know there was a guy who was a
bailiff, and another guy, who were
running it, and he had a 26lb mirror,
but he told me he had seen a few carp
to 40lb in there. Whether he had or
not, at least he did catch a 26lb’er, so
he’s done better than me. So that’s
where I have been hiding myself for
the last few years, plus other places.
I w e n t o n t o Ko r d a b e c a u s e I
always used to go up on Broadwater
and bivvy up there. This one particular year I thought sod it, I’ll have a go
on Korda for a crack, and I think the
first fish I had out was 35lb, something like that, and it was one that no
one had seen before. I thought, this is
alright, I’ll have a bit more of this, so
I’ve been fishing on there for the last I
don’t know how many years now, but
on and off so to speak. I don’t go up
there every week or anything like
that, but in between then and now, I
have always been fishing down this
way in Sussex, because I moved
down here. I’ve been fishing on
Hayling Island, right next to the coast,
hearing the waves coming in at night,
and catching some nice fish from a
place called Sinah Warren. It’s amazing that lake, because it’s full of rats –
unbelievable. I don’t know where they
all come from, and it sounds like
they’ve got hobnail boots on, because
it’s all shingle. Even in the daytime
they’re hopping around; they’re under
your bed and everywhere. I can’t
understand why there should be so
many rats there, because it isn’t as if
there is a load of rubbish. It’s right by
a golf course, so you get the odd golf
ball coming past your ear, but I’ve had
a few nice fish out of there.
It’s funny because I remember one
time on there, I was trying to get a few
fish going on the old mixers, and a
bloke come up to me and said “They
don’t take anything off the surface
here, mate,” and about ten minutes
later I was asking him to take a photo
for me. The other thing with it is you
have to watch out because it’s shallow in places, so you’ve got the ducks
and the swans picking up your baits,
and if you’re not careful, you’ve got
the bloody seagulls diving down for
them as well. I did like that, but I only
fished it for two or three seasons, just
in the springtime, because I would go
up to Korda or Broadwater, but I
haven’t been down there for probably
three or four years now I suppose.
I fished the rivers down here, but
I’ve been fishing Korda and it’s funny
because the tench have put on big
weights, and the other year I had
what they reckoned was the biggest
male tench in the country, at 10lb
14oz. This is enormous for a male
tench; it may still be the biggest for all
I know, and then I’ve also had female


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