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In Search of Monster Carp
had burst its banks, he had found sea
trout in ditches. It’s amazing; I
thought when I moved down here,
people wouldn’t know who I was, and
then I go on that river and people
know who I am.
When I moved down here, the fishing tackle shop was in a garden centre, and I had been in there because
my mum and dad used to live down
here. I had been in there with my
mum because she liked the old garden centre. I went and had a look
around, and I found this bit of river on
the Arran, which I thought looked
alright for roach, so I found out who
owned the stretch. It was a Worthing
Club water, so I thought I’d go and get
myself a Worthing ticket. I went into
the local tackle shop in this garden
centre, and as I signed for my ticket, a
young kiddy in there said, “I thought it
was you; you were in the other week,
and I said it was you.”
The next thing I knew, I picked my
daughter up from school, and I said,
“There’s a lake up the road here, we’ll
go and find it, and we’ll have a walk
round it.” So we walked round and
there’s one bloke fishing, a carp fisherman, so I went up to him and said,
“Any good mate?” “No, no” he said.
We got chatting and I said, “What’s in
here, then?” He said, “Ah, a few fish.
Would you like a cup of tea?” So I
said, “Yeah, if you’re making one.” He
had earrings, tattoos and all that, and
you don’t know who you’re talking to,
so I was a bit wary of what I was
going to say. Anyway, he made me
this cup of tea and he said, “Do you
know a Peter Springate?” So I said,
“Yeah I do,” and he said to me, “Well
apparently, he’s just got a ticket for
here,” so I said, “He ain’t,” and he said,
“He has.” I looked at my daughter
who was about seven or eight at the
time, and we both laughed, so I said,
“You’re speaking to him.” He turned
out to be a nice bloke.
It was only a couple of miles up the
road, and I only go up there and do a
bit of stalking, and they all say, “When
you going to come up and fish the
weekend with us?” But because it’s
local, I don’t want to cart all my gear
up there; it’s just somewhere to have
a muck about. So that’s what I’ve
been up to for the last few years; I’ve
been doing quite a bit of river fishing
for the roach on the Arran, and I’ve
had a few nice roach out. I’m not into
bivvying up so much now… I don’t
know what it is – maybe if I could find
the right water… I thought that
Broadwater would be the place, but if
I could find another Wraysbury that
isn’t hammered… It’s hard to explain
it, but I don’t really want to know the
names of fish.
I tell you what, I can’t believe the
way things have gone, because now I
am down here, I’ve got on the committee of Worthing Club. I went to a
committee meeting last night, and
they’ve had a thing through, and the
Chairman was showing everybody.
It’s come from somewhere off the
Internet; it’s like a little booklet, asking you to register your fish and the
names of your fish – now what have
we come to? That’s one reason I like
getting about on the river; I’ve had
(Top and bottom) West Sussex, 2007.


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