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In Search of Monster Carp
some nice carp off the river, and they
haven’t got names. I mean, I was out
yesterday afternoon, and I went to a
little lake, well, it’s two little lakes
joined together, and I was amazed
that there was nobody in the car park.
I just went round, slowly walking, and
the fish weren’t six inches away from
the bank because I was being quiet. I
had half a dozen fish all off the top,
just dunking a little mixer on the surface. Alright, there were no monsters,
but it put a bend in the rod, and I
enjoyed myself, and to me, that’s what
it’s all about.
It would be great to find another
W r a y s b u r y w h e r e t h e r e ’s t h e
unknown, but I think those days have
gone now. I do miss fishing for big
fish, but I want to fish for them on my
terms if you understand – does that
make sense? But I just enjoy fishing,
and it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a
20lb carp or a 10lb barbel or a 3lb
roach… In fact that’s what I’d like to
get – a 3lb roach, and I’d like to get it
out of the river. I reckon the Arran
might have one, and I’ve had some
nice roach but this year. Rivers
change; it’s like the Rother. You get a
flood, and the amount of sand that
comes down that river is unbelievable; it covers the bank, but they keep
changing every season. Funnily
enough, donkey’s years ago, Dave
Short took me onto the Kennet, barbel
(Top) A new challenge.
(Centre) 30lb common.
(Right) 38lb Korda.
fishing, up at Sulhamstead,
and he showed me a few
spots up there. I’m grateful to
him for taking me, because I
caught some nice fish, and he
showed me what he called
the best barbel swim on the
Kennet. I went to take someone to
show them, but it had gone, and all
that’s left is the barbed wire fence
that I used to have to climb over – the
swim is now in the river, so things
c h a n g e. T h e o l d r i v e r s s e e m t o
change more than anything, but as
long as I can keep getting out there,
I’ll keep doing it, so long may it last.
R o b : N i c e o n e P e t e, t h a t ’ s
absolutely fantastic. I’ve had such a
great day sitting here hearing about
all your stories. I knew it was going to
b e a g o o d d a y, a n d i t c e r t a i n l y
exceeded all my expectations. I am
sure the readers are going to love
hearing about all this, and wish you
all the best for the future, mate. I hope
that one day you do find that Wraysbury that you dream about, or somewhere that you can go and do your
own thing, because I quite understand where you’re coming from. You
were there first at Wraysbury, and that
must have been a fantastic time for
you, but like you say, things have
changed. Carp fishing has become so
commercialised, and none of us are
getting any younger, are we? But I
wish you all the best for the future
Pete, and thanks very much for letting
me take part in your carp fishing life.
Cheers, mate.
Join us as we meet up with Pete
again later in the year. n


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