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In Search of Monster Carp
e join Steve
this month
returns from
Cassien trip.
So anyway, after that, we got back
and I fished with Pete Noonan a few
more times, but I remember that he
sort of blew himself out. He lost his
job and did a year on Darenth, fishing
two weeks on and two days off. He
caught loads of fish, but he blew himself out – all around the same time as
the Cassien trip. He virtually hung up
his rods after that, so I was left in
limbo a bit, but Pete Jones was still
about. I was still seeing him down at
Darenth; we had met up down there
and he had pictures of my 60lb’er and
a l l t h a t . We g o t m o r e a n d m o r e
friendly and started fishing together.
He mentioned two lakes; one that he
wanted to have a go at and one he
had already fished, Johnson’s, also a
Kent water. He had been down and
had had a few little goes on it; I think
he and Travolta had both caught a
Johnson’s carp, and he said how good
it was down there – very hard, but
very good. The other water we
wanted to have a go at was Fox Pool;
we had both read about it; a water up
in the Colne Valley that was known to
hold some very, very good fish, but
was very difficult, similar to Johnson’s. They were small, deep waters,
but very hard.
I suppose at the time it was just
what I was looking for; I had caught
some good fish, and I was on a bit of
a roll I suppose. I had caught some
good fish out of Darenth, some good
fish out of Cassien; things were going
well, and I was looking to move it on
a little bit, so we went down to Johnson’s. I know the first time I went
down there, I didn’t fish, but Pete and
Travolta took us for a walk round. We
bumped into a guy called Richard
who had caught the Leather. The
Railway Leather was the main fish in
the lake, and I think Pete had seen it
caught, or he had seen the pictures.
Anyway, Richard was there; it’s all a
bit fuzzy now, but I know that he and
his mate were on there, and this guy
had already caught the Leather. I
think it was the following weekend
we fished there, and he brought down
pictures to show us. We looked at this
leather, and it was fantastic. I don’t
think I had ever seen a leather that
big at the time, as in Darenth and
Brooklands the fish were all mirrors or
commons, so a 34lb leather was one
of the biggest I knew of. It was a very
impressive looking fish, so we fancied
(Above) It wasn’t too hard to spot the
fish and they could often be found in
the pads.
(Below left) There were only a few of
us fishing the Railway, and the
atmosphere was good.
(Below right) They wouldn’t always
take floaters, but when they did it
offered perhaps the best chance.
having a go for it. I think his mate
caught one about 23lb that weekend;
we blanked, but I enjoyed it. It was a
different thing altogether to the
waters I had fished previously – very
deep, and very weedy. There were
quite a few fish in there, but there was
a lot more natural food, and it was
going to be a lot more difficult, I could
see that from the start, but again I
was up for the challenge.
To start with I think we fished it
from the autumn through to the end,
and I didn’t catch a fish at all, but the
place had got us going, and we fancied a bit more of it. The plan was to
do the start of the season; we still had
the proper closed seasons in those
days. The season started on June 16th


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