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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) My first Railway carp of 24lb
12oz, which came off the top.
(Below left) It wasn’t just the fishing
that was hard at Johnson’s –
sometimes it was difficult just to get
(Below right) Pete Jones with the
fantastic Railway Leather.
and we had a three-month wait until
the start of the season. The plan was
that Pete Jones and I would do the
start on Johnson’s with Steve Wade, a
guy who we had met on Darenth. He
was only a young guy, still at school
then, or just finishing school, but a
good little angler, and he was alright.
A week before the start, Pete and I set
up in the Bridge swim, and Wadey set
up in the swim above. I went back to
work, Pete went back to Brighton, and
Wadey stayed on the lake for a week
on his own. By the time we turned up
for the start, he’d already done a
week’s session without the rods in
the water, poor old bloke; I mean he
looked ready to go home, and he hadn’t even started fishing yet. A week
was a long time for a school kid to sit,
but he saved our swims, bless him.
We had two different plans of
attack; one was with particles, sweetcorn mainly. We knew the fish didn’t
mind particles, but hemp and tigers
had been done, and not many people
used sweetcorn, so we fancied giving
it a go. You were allowed to use more
than two rods on Johnson’s, which
was unusual back then. Every other
water we fished was two rods only,
but on Johnson’s you could use three
or four if you had the licences, so it
gave us a chance to try different
things. We had one or two on sweetcorn and the other two were on
boilies, protein baits or whatever, and
we were just making them up on the
bank. I remember taking all the ingredients down, buying the eggs up the
shop, and we’d just make them up as
we went along. I think I was using
cinnamon flavouring or something; I
forget what they were now, probably
our own mix, but I can’t even remember. Travolta was there as well.
The first couple of days we didn’t
have anything. I think Pete had a
tench of about 9lb, which was the
biggest tench we had ever seen, and
Wadey lost a fish, and said, “It wasn’t
very big; it might have been a tench.”
That would come back to haunt him a
few days later, but the first run was to
Travolta. We had thought long and
hard about how to catch the fish, as


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