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In Search of Monster Carp
they were so much on the naturals.
We t h o u g h t a b o u t t h e p a r t i c l e
approach to compete with, or complement the naturals, and boilies to
give them something different. Travolta, with his typical type of idea,
said, “Well they’ve got everything
they need in the lake; there’s nothing
we can possibly give them that will
compete, but after you’ve had a good
meal, what would you like? What I
like is either a nice dessert or a selection from the cheeseboard.” Then he
said, “Well, they haven’t got that in
the lake, but I’ve got some peaches
and cream boilies, and some blue
cheese boilies.”
It was a load of nonsense, and typical Travolta, but lo and behold on the
third morning, it went rattling off, and
he caught a 24lb leather. We all went
down to look, and it was a lovely fish;
I mean they were stunning fish, the
Johnson’s fish. All the Brooklands fish
and all the Darenth fish had a bit of
history; they had all been caught
(Top left) Travolta with one of his
Railway carp.
(Top right) A previously unknown
Johnson’s mirror of 29lb 10oz, and a
surface-caught best for me.
(Below) Looking out on Fox Pool from
one of my favourite swims.
(Left) My first session at Fox Pool, set
up in the Pier swim.
quite a few times, and although they
were nice fish, you could see they had
been caught a few times, but these
Johnson’s fish all looked brand new.
They had hardly ever been caught,
and they just looked incredible. They
were lovely fish, and so we were well
impressed to see Travolta with this
fish. God knows how he caught it but
he did, and he had to go. He had
caught his fish after his weekend, but
Pete, Wadey and I were still staying on
there for the week. Travolta left, and
these two other guys moved in his
Pete had always said that they didn’t mind a floater or two if they were
in the mood, but they wouldn’t have
them all the time. I think in the closed
season we’d had them going on
floaters a few times, and since nothing was happening, we wandered
round, and in one corner I saw a cou-


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