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In Search of Monster Carp
were a few swirls. They were having
them, so I nudged Pete, because I didn’t want everyone to know the fish
were there, because their swim was
further up the bank. I nudged him,
and he saw them as well, and we
made our excuses, “Better get back to
the rods,” and all that, and we crept
out of the swim and legged it as fast
as we could back to the rods.
Pete was the only one who had a
controller (I never had a controller),
but he didn’t have a rod that was suitable for setting up with floater gear
and I did, so between us we set up a
floater rod. We crept past the swim
where the other guys were (they still
hadn’t noticed the fish), sneaked in,
and they were having them big time.
There were mouths everywhere, so I
got a good cast in, well over the fish,
and drew it back. Just as it got to
them, a pair of lips came up, and wallop, that was it – I was in straight
away in about five seconds. I got that
one in, and it was 24lb 12oz, my first
Johnson’s carp. I was over the moon
with that – I had got a carp the opening week of the season, my first Johnson’s carp, but there were still loads of
fish out there, so it was Pete’s turn to
have a go, as I’d had my one.
Pete had never floater fished before
with mixers or anything like that; he
had done a bit of freelining, but it was
a bit different to what he had cast out
(Top left) I took a break from Fox Pool
to fish back at Sutton Lakes.
(Top right) I experimented with my
own fishmeal mixes and came up
with a winner!
(Middle) Sutton was a nice water to
fish, and had not been done with the
fishmeals yet, so I felt it was there for
the taking.
(Left) Early fishmeal success at Sutton
with a 25lb mirror.


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