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In Search of Monster Carp
before, what with the long hook
length. We used something like 5ft
hook length down to two little soaked
mixers that were soft, to put on the
hook easier. He tried casting that out,
and it hit one straight on the back
straight away and spooked it. He
couldn’t get it right at all; he was
thrashing the water to a foam and in
the end, and all the fish were disappearing. He was casting all over the
place, on their heads, on their backs,
drawing line across them, and it just
wasn’t going right. The more he tried
to get a good cast in, the more it went
wrong, and in the end there was one
fish down in the corner that was still
having them where these mixers had
drifted down into the corner. It was
the only one left, so he crept down
there, cast, and it was perfect, the
best cast he had done, close to the far
bank, but enough so he could draw it
back, and sure enough this fish came
up and took it, and he was in.
My landing net was still back up
the bank somewhere, so I legged it up
and got it, and by the time I got back,
Pete was up to his chest in the lake.
The fish had kited up near the trees,
and the only thing he could do was
jump in the lake, which he did. It was
important to get the fish in, so I
jumped in next to him with the landing net. It was fighting hard, and as it
came closer and closer, I saw it roll on
the top, and I knew which fish it was;
it was the Leather. I said to Pete, “Go
easy mate, you’ve got plenty of time –
it’s the Leather,” which didn’t help
matters, but sure enough we got it in,
and it was the Leather.
I remember putting it on the mat,
and when we went to unhook it, there
was another hook length hanging out
of is mouth. I thought, Christ, it’s been
hooked before, and Wadey looked at it
and he said, “That’s my hook length,
and it was. I knew what he was using,
so this fish that Wadey had lost at the
start was the Leather, and he was
gutted. Imagine how he felt; he had
sat on the lake for a week without the
rods out, got a take, lost it, and then
seen the fish landed, and it was the
L e a t h e r, h e c o u l d h a v e h a d t h e
Leather straightaway out of there, but
fair play to him. We all went up the
pub like you do, and had a drink, and
(Top) Three of the best guys I fished
Sutton with (from left) Colin, Stevie
Gee and their friend Andy with the
result of their night’s work.
(Left) Most of the Sutton carp were
old, but they were real scaly stunners.


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