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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) My first 20lb-plus common at
22lb – one of the things that I went to
Holland for.
(Below) Mick Daly and I with four
Dutch carp. Once we started catching
it became almost constant action.
I’d had a chance and they all said,
“Well that’ll be your chance for the
year,” and I thought, yeah right, I’ll be
having a few more of them, but of
course, they were dead right. It was
my only chance of the year and it’s
something that has happened to me a
lot over the years when I look back at
waters I’ve fished, especially English
waters, and hard waters. I tend to go
in full of confidence, and quite often I
get a take first or second night, or certainly in the first few nights, but a lot
of them I have lost, and that was one
of them at Fox Pool.
As the weeks went on, the takes
weren’t happening. Other people
were catching the odd fish, and I was
starting to lose confidence in what I
was doing. I know you’ve written
about it in Fox Pool when you were
fishing there before you caught the
Parrot; you’re winding yourself up
about whether you’re doing the right
things. I read it myself the other
week, and I thought that’s exactly
what I was doing, but I didn’t really
know a way out if you know what I
mean. I didn’t know what the answer
was, so I kept plodding away, and
really, really struggling. The following
year, well, I met you, Rob and the
other guys of the Famous Five, and
although I wasn’t catching myself,
they were fantastic times. I saw virtually all of the fish that year; you
caught them, and I remember Clive
Williams having a great year that
year, catching Jack and a few of the
others. It was the most disappointing
time of my whole angling career I
think, because the lake ended up
being drained, all the fish were taken
out, and I never did catch one there. I
fished Fox Pool for two years, and I
never caught one in that time. I really


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