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In Search of Monster Carp
(Above) My Dutch friend John with a
high-20 from that first trip.
(Below) Back on the Railway and the
key to success was getting a
microwave to make some proper popups!
(Below right) Not a big’un but an
important step in my fishing at the
their waters for years. It was about
that time when the fishmeal boom
was happening and Terry Dempsey
and Tony Moore were the ones who
brought it to Darenth. I was going up
and seeing them, and even helping
roll the boilies sometimes, because it
was just good to see, and they were
absolutely taking the Tip Lake apart.
The fishmeals were a fantastic bait,
and even better after a bait like the
Richworths had been on there. It
seemed like the Richworths would
work for a year and then stop; the fish
just didn’t seem to want them too
much any more, and it was almost like
as soon as the fishmeals went in, it
was everything they were looking for
in a bait, and they loved it. They
couldn’t get enough of them; they
were taking the Tip Lake apart on the
Premier Baits with the Fish Feed Oil,
and the fish were putting on weight.
Well just down the road from Darenth
was Sutton Lake, a very similar sort of
lake, a shallow gravel pit, with loads of
gravel bars in there. I knew the Richworths had been used on there for the
last couple of years, but I knew too
that no one had been using fishmeals
o n t h e r e, w h e r e a s D a r e n t h w a s
always a bit ahead in the bait stakes,
because people from all around the
country were fishing there. Sutton
was still a local carp water, and so the
people were slower to get onto
I thought to myself, well, if I can go
wanted to catch one too, so that was
one of my real frustrating times. The
same thing was happening at Johnson’s; I was struggling there too, so I
needed something that was going to
get me out of that, if you know what I
mean. I couldn’t find an answer on
either of those lakes, so the only thing
I could do was go and fish another
lake, and do something a little bit different for a while.
I still kept my Dartford Angling
Club permit, but I hadn’t fished any of


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