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In Search of Monster Carp
making all these fishmeal mixes, and
most of them fell to bits, ending up in
the bin, and then all of a sudden one
day, I made this mix and it rolled
nicely. It had loads of fishmeal in –
more fishmeal than most other baits
around at that time. I was using the
Premier Fish Feed Oil but this mix
was mainly capelin and sand eel
meal. It isn’t available now, but it was
one of the main ingredients then, and
it was a good one, along with sardine
and anchovy, and a bit of Sluis and
CLO, which was from a Dutch company, a bird food but it was a good
one, a bit of casein, and bit of Codlavine, which was like a cod liver oil. I
put it all together, it made a good bait,
and the fish loved it.
So I went down to Sutton armed
with my fishmeals and that first
weekend, I caught one. I remember
catching a 20lb linear, and you know,
it was just a weekend session, but I
caught one, and I was so pleased to
(Above) Back on the Railway for the
start of the season in the End of the
(Below) I was so confident in the rig
and pop-ups that I knew I would
(Right) After losing the first three, I
then landed these two commons at
the same time.
to Sutton with the fishmeals, I reckon
I’m going to catch a few there and get
my confidence back. My confidence
needed a boost, but I still had that
stubborn streak in me, and I didn’t
want to use the Premier fishmeals; I
wanted to make my own fishmeal.
God knows why; it’s daft really, but
I’ve always had this stubborn streak,
and I want to do things my own way,
not someone else’s way. So I was
catch a fish. It was like I was never
going to catch one again on Fox Pool
and Johnson’s; they were too hard,
and I’d gone down and caught a fish,
and I thought brilliant, I’ll have some
more of that. The next weekend I
went back and caught two or three, or
it might even have been four, and the
more I put in of the fishmeal, the more
the fish came. Some of the other guys
were still on the Richworths, and
they’d had had good years the year
before, but they just stopped catching. As soon as the fish found the fishmeals, they wanted them and nothing
else, and I sort of knew it was going to
happen because I had seen it happen
at Darenth, and the lakes were so
similar, only just down the road. I
thought well, it’s there for the taking if
you know what I mean, and as soon
as they went in, I started catching.
Over the next few weeks, I suppose I
had about 15 or 20 fish, all good fish
too. They were the same sort of strain


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