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In Search of Monster Carp
as the Brooklands fish, the old Galician strain mirrors, with big blade-like
scales. They were lovely fish, and
quite old fish too, probably stocked in
the 50’s or 60’s, but they were great,
and they just loved these fishmeals.
It didn’t seem to matter where I
fished, if I could find little bits of
gravel I would just bait up the spots
and fish would come to it. There were
a few other guys who started to come
down – Paul Madden who had fished
on Darenth, and a few other guys like
Stevie Gee and Colin, and they all
started to get on them as well. We
were all catching fish and plenty of
them, and 20’s were about top of the
range. I fished next to a guy called
Sam one weekend, who now works
for Martin Locke, and I caught a
brace, one of which was 28lb 2oz. I
remember that, because it was actually a lake record mirror, and I had
them both in the net at the same time.
I also had a few other 20’s that weekend, and it was, I wouldn’t say too
easy, but it almost seemed like that.
Wherever I was putting the baits, the
fish were coming and picking them
up, and other people were have a bit
of a tough time. But it was just those
fishmeal baits, because four or five of
our little group who were using them,
were all catching good fish, and it
was just a really, really good little
It was all halted in the end, as we
had a bit of a drought that year. It was
quite low water, and I went down
there and set up one day and the
bailiff came round and he said, “You’ll
have to pack up; we’ve shut the lake,”
and that was it. I had to pack up and
go home, and that was the end of my
little stint, but it was a fantastic two
or three months’ fishing, and I had got
myself back on track after all the
tough times that I had had before. I
had done something that I needed to
do, and gone out and got a few fish
under my belt.
I suppose it was a bit of a funny old
time. I went back to Cassien that year,
a n d o f c o u r s e, I w a s e x p e c t i n g
Cassien to be quite easy. I had caught
a 40lb’er and a 60lb’er in my first two
(Top) A cracking Railway mirror that
came during a hectic afternoon.
(Right) Same time next afternoon and
another fish! All of a sudden it was so


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