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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) A change over to pop-ups
brought a sharp rise in action.
(Below) The Pet, the biggest carp in
the lake at 31lb 8oz, and just one of 14
carp that weekend.
happening. We had all fished on Johnson’s during that time, and you’d
come down there with the other guys;
Steve Alcott, Dave Whibley, Phil
Harper, and they had all caught good
fish, and by then had moved onto
Harefield and up into the Colne Valley.
I had stayed on to do the start on
Johnson’s, but once I had caught
those fish, I thought well, that’s it; I
know I can catch them now. I almost
I felt that I had overcome the barrier,
and I wanted to come up to the Colne
Valley and fish with all you lot again,
so that was the end of Johnson’s.
Around 1990, the end of my Johnson’s fishing, was also the start of my
Colne Valley fishing. We had all done a
fair bit of fishing together then, with
you Rob, and the other guys, and I
remember you saying to me, “Come
up to Farlows in the closed season.
It’s open in the closed season when
everywhere else is shut, and you can
go up there and have a good laugh.
There’s a bar there, and a few fish to
be caught, and it’s something to do in
the closed season.” So I thought yeah,
that sounds alright. I remember going
up there that first time in the closed
season, and you told me where to go,
gave me the directions. I had pulled
up in front of the restaurant, expecting it to be on a different part of the
lake maybe, but there was this restaurant slap bang in the middle of the
lake out on the point, and all the
swims were just around the outside,
and they were all the swims you were
fishing! I thought Jesus Christ; he
wasn’t joking.
I set up there, and the bar was
10yds away, and I just laughed; I
remember sitting there just laughing
thinking, this is alright. My fishmeal
bait was still working, so I took that
up there, and I think I caught four or
something that weekend. They
weren’t anything big, but they were
four little Farlows carp, and it was
good fun. I mean the fishing was
really only just a minor part of the
whole Farlows experience; it was just
good fun, and there was no other way
to describe it. It was fun fishing
because if the weather was alright
you would be in the bar playing pool,
having a drink with the patio doors
open, and listening out for a run. I’d
never done that before when carp
fishing; it was always sat in the bivvy
or whatever. I know the first night we
were in there, we were all sitting
round playing cards, having a drink,
when suddenly Travolta disappeared
out of the window, and I thought,
what’s going on? He had had a run;
he’d heard it and I hadn’t, and he
went out and had this fish. It was a bit
mad to be honest, but it was good fun
fishing, and we caught loads of fish
and had a good time.
We catch up with Steve next time
as he joins Harefield. n


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