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In Search of Monster Carp
(Above) Tonford.
(Below) Tonford 29.
In the winter, I got together with
my mates from the Canterbury area,
and we started fishing the Mid Kent
waters again, lakes like Tonford and
Chilham Mill, but Tonford was one
that really appealed to me. The fish
had been stocked in there a few years
previously from a little day ticket
water that was near to where I used
to live in Chatham in Kent by the
name of Capstone Country Park, and
were absolutely incredible fish, loads
of them fully scaled. In actual fact, old
Chris Logstone, in a roundabout way,
tricked the Medway Borough Council
into swapping their carp for a few
roach. I can’t blame him but really; it
did the fish a favour, as they got put in
some of the Mid Kent waters, which
are obviously good quality waters.
T h e f i s h i n g o n To n f o r d w a s
absolutely phenomenal; there are so
many nice looking fish, and I was in
good company with most of my Conningbrook mates as well, so we had
two really good winters on there. I
mean the first winter was good, but
the second winter wasn’t quite so
good, because a lot of other anglers
were spoiling the fishing for us. All of
our fish were caught on single hook
baits, as it seemed like if you put any
free offerings out, you’d cut your
chances. Quite a few of the local
anglers got wind of what we had
caught the previous year, and it suddenly developed into a little bit of a
bait war. It’s only a small lake, and you
get fellas turning up after dark and firing in 10kg, and unfortunately it just
killed the fishing. I can remember two
guys in particular who turned up
there and set up these great big high
rod pods and all that, and proceeded
to spod in 20kg of particles. I went
round to them and said, “What are
you doing, do you really think these
carp are going to wake up and want
to eat 20kg of bait?” I don’t know


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