FL10 (All 218 pages) - Page 142

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Tonford 30.
(Below) Tonford 30 common.
what it is with some people, they read
things in the magazines, and they
think that’s the way to do it all the
time. Perhaps at times we all set the
wrong example by saying what we do
and what we don’t do. It’s basically
down to inexperience, but unfortunately, not only are they mucking up
their own fishing, they’re mucking up
a load of other people’s fishing as
Anyway, we had a couple of good
winters on Tonford, and caught
countless fish, with lots of good
30lb’ers. The biggest I caught out
there was a 35lb common, and in
actual fact I caught it two weeks on
the trot. The one good thing about it
is that you can turn up at one lake,
and if it’s busy, move onto the next
one, as there are about four lakes in
close proximity. So if you don’t fancy
it on one of them, you can always
move onto the other. Unfortunately,
the week after catching the 35lb’er, I
intended to fish Swan Lake next door,
but it was packed, so I really had no
option but to go onto Tonford. I went
on there for another night, and caught
the same 35lb’er again, which was
nice but I would rather it had been
one of the others that I hadn’t caught.
There are two fish in there that I
didn’t catch, which were really
sought after. One called the Peach,
and another one called the Fully
Scaled. The Fully Scaled is a 40lb’er,
so that’s a rare animal, and the Peach
is an upper-30 as well, a lovely looking
carp, so maybe at some point in the
future I may have a little go down


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