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In Search of Monster Carp
A couple of things I haven’t mentioned are my involvement in video
making with Terry Hearn amongst
others, and also my involvement with
Free Spirit Fishing. I’ve been involved
with Free Spirit from the start; I have
known Simeon Bond, the owner of
Free Spirit, from back in his Shimano
days. He’s always been the sort of
guy who will listen to what you say,
and has a lot of ideas. Simon decided
to go it alone and start his own company; he’d worked for people like Fox
International and Shimano, so he had
a lot of the necessary contacts. The
exciting thing about Free Spirit was
that it started from scratch, in the
sense that instead of one person
deciding about the rods and everything, everyone involved in it would
have some sort of input. We’d have
prototypes come across from the Far
East or whatever, and we would never
settle on them as a final product –
loads of times we’d pick holes in
things, as they’d need adjusting here
and there. We weren’t happy until it
was 100% right, so anglers out there
(Top) Tonford by night.
(Below) Mid Kent winter wonderland.
using the equipment, the rods in particular, could rest assured that it had
all been tried and tested. We’re not in
a position where we bring out the
equipment and let the anglers field
test it; it’s actually properly field
tested before it ever gets sold. I know
I am paid by Free Spirit, but I honestly
don’t believe there are better blanks
in the world; I think the materials, the
low resin carbons and things like that
are the best there is.
As time has gone on, the range has
really grown with the Realtree camouflage, and I’ve been involved with
Realtree from the start. I think it was
in a Carp Society magazine where
there was a guy standing in a reed
bed, duck shooting. He had this camouflage jacket on, and I thought
‘Bloody hell, that really does look
effective.’ So on the strength of that, I


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