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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Free Spirit DVD fish.
(Below) Five Days in France DVD fish.
rang up a guy called Paul Naptin who
is head of Realtree UK, managed to
blag myself a camouflage suit, and I
was absolutely obsessed with it. In
the past we’ve trampled around in
pink T-shirts and things like that, but
suddenly blending in with nature
really made it a little bit more carpy.
Sometimes you’d be huddled down in
the bushes stalking and sometimes
you’d have birds land on you; it’s just
nice to blend in. Free Spirit got a
licence to manufacture stuff using the
timber pattern, and now we’ve got a
range of luggage and brollies and
things like that all in the camouflage,
and it’s nice to have been involved.
The unfortunate thing is that sometimes supply gets difficult because a
lot of the stuff is manufactured in the
Far East. Let me clarify one point
about that; a lot of people think that
because the stuff is made in the Far
East, it’s crap quality, but that’s not
the case. It used to be the case when
the Far East was first involved in
manufacturing tackle; there were a lot
of cheap copies, but now, the reason
for involving the Far East in the first
place is cost. They sell things a lot
cheaper than if it’s manufactured in
the UK, which is a good thing for the
punter because at the end of the day,
you can buy a bedchair for £40, which
ten years ago would have cost you
£180 or something like that, so it


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