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In Search of Monster Carp
(Above) French DVD 40.
(Below left) 'Uncle' Len Gurd.
(Below right) Tel & Jacko Go Carp
Fishing – The Big Blue One.
really has brought the price of big
items of tackle down. Obviously
things like hooks have got ever so
expensive, but the big items are way
down. I mean you can buy bite alarms
now for £17 that we would have paid
£100 for ten years ago. So, I’m glad to
be involved with them; they’re a good
bunch of people, and hopefully we
can ensure the tackle is good for the
future too.
Another thing I have been involved
in is a little bit of TV stuff with Keith
Arthur on Tight Lines, and I’ve been
on there about 11 times. They must
like me or they wouldn’t keep inviting
me back, because there are certain
people, I won’t name names, who
have only ever been on there once.
I’ve also been involved in a couple of
videos, the first one with Max Cottis.
We were involved in one called the
Carp Experience, which was filmed at
a place called Metz in France, and it’s
real good experience albeit hard
work. It’s not easy to sit there in front
of a camera, especially when you’ve
got cameramen who thinks to go and
catch a carp is a little bit easier than it
really is. I’ve been involved in a few
TV bits where the camera people turn
up and you’re expected to catch for


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