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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Recent 51lb 7oz common,
3 Isles, France.
(Below) Gillhams Fishing Resort,
Krabi, Thailand.
the camera, which is extremely difficult.
Probably the most satisfying thing
I’ve done in that area is with Len
Gurd’s videos. Len, bless him; I’ve
known him for years, and he’s a
proper old carp angler who knows
how difficult carp angling can be, so
who better to actually be involved in
making a film? It all stemmed from a
little bit that Terry Hearn and I had on
Sky. We did a little clip on a day ticket
water in Kent, and we really did well
between us; we caught a load of fish.
Peter Drennan, who Terry works for,
amongst other people, saw it, and
liked what he saw. He asked about
getting involved in making a video,
and so we went up for a meeting, and
brought Len along. He decided that
Drennan would fund it, but it wasn’t
going to be a hard sell Drennan product video – he just wanted it to be a
bit of fun. Terry and I were both of the
same opinion that the best fishing
footage we had ever seen on the TV
was Passion for Angling. The series
was absolutely great because it portrays fishing as fun, and it was just
pure quality, so we wanted to make
that sort of thing, not a blatant advert
for Free Spirit, Drennan or anyone
else. We did the first one, the estate
lake one, on Peter Drennan’s lake, and
that was absolutely lovely, the most
gorgeous lake. Terry is a lot of fun to
be with on the bank, and we just
gelled. We had three or fours days’
fishing on the estate lake along with
Len, and we enjoyed the fishing as
well as catching quite a few fish, and
hopefully people enjoyed what they
Following on from this estate lake
video, we decided to make a followup, and something a little bit different
from what had been done at the time.
We both liked the idea of fishing a
lake that had a bit of mystery to it,
where you didn’t know what the lake
contained. We gained permission to
fish a lake up in Bedfordshire where
no one had fished to any degree in the
past, so therefore it would be a little
bit of a challenge for us, and at the
same time hopefully make a good
story and a good bit of footage. Anyway, the first time Terry and I, and Len
with the camera, went up for a look at
the lake, we saw a fairly big carp.
Quite how big it was we weren’t sure
at the time, but it looked to be around
about 35-40lb, so we set it as our target to catch that particular fish.
After that first trip up there, Terry
and I couldn’t wait to get up there
and fish it, but unfortunately Len
couldn’t make it with the camera.
That first session, I think we caught
nine between us; it really was easy,
and nine quite good fish as well. Then
unfortunately it got gradually harder,
as nine fish went to about one every
ten sessions – typical. When fishing


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