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In Search of Monster Carp
(Top left) Mekong catfish, Thailand.
(Top right) Red Tail catfish, Thailand.
(Below left) Siamese carp, Thailand.
(Below right) Pacu, Thailand.
for fish that have never been fished
for, you cane them, but then they wise
up really quickly.
I suppose all in all, it was about two
years in the making. We fished one
season on there, and then Terry went
off and did his bit with the Sonning
Eye fish. I soldiered on in Cambridge
for quite a bit, but it got the better of
me in the end. I just wasn’t catching
anything, and it was a bit of a waste of
time. We had one more trip in the winter, and then decided to leave it until
the following spring. We went on
there the following spring, and we
hadn’t really fished the main body of
the lake before. The lake was like a
figure of eight shape with a back bit
that was all weedy with bars and
quite a long channel joining the big
bit of the lake. We did most of our fishing that first year in the channel and
not in the back bit of the lake with all
the weed and the bars and everything, and we caught a few fish, but
no great catches.
Then on the first session on there, I
think it was April, we decided to give
it a go on the main body of the lake.
Terry had positioned his baits with
the use of a boat, and I turned up
there quite a few hours later. He’d
gone out there, spent a long while
time looking around and finding the
exact spots where he wanted his bait,
and because of that, he was loathe to
move them. I was a little bit against
the use of boats in the first place, not
because I think they are unethical or
anything like that, but more to do
with the fact that for people viewing
the videos, on most of the lakes you
fish you’re not allowed to use a boat.
So to me, it made more sense to do it
all from the bank, plus the fact that if
you’ve ever used a boat, sometimes
you can frighten the life out of yourself. You go out there and see the
spots, and you realise you haven’t got
a hope in hell of hitting them from
that bank. So, I was just fishing where
I thought I ought to cast, so I wasn’t
afraid to move my baits about a little
bit, whereas Terry thought he had his
bang on the spots.
It looks so false on the finished
product, but you came down for an
interview with us Rob, and it doesn’t
matter how false it looks, on my children’s life, it’s exactly how it happened. We sat there, we had a little
taped conversation, and you said to
me, “Well, when do you reckon the
video is going to be finished? I said,
“Well Rob, I don’t know, it all depends
on us catching that big fish,” and with
that the remote went, and I ran to the
rod, and that was it – it was the Big
Blue one. That was really pleasing,
and I think Terry was a little bit
shocked at the time, because normally the boot is on the other foot;
Terry gets the big one, and you’re the
bridesmaid, sort of thing. But it was
great fun making it, and we’ve been
asked if are we going to do another
one, but I don’t think so. Maybe
someone can come up with a formula,
maybe we might do one day, but I


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