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In Search of Monster Carp
e join John
this month as
he recalls
some of the
Savay myths
and legends.
There’s another fish that I would
like to talk about now, and we call it
the Sandy Fish. Now people have
been talking about the Sandy Fish for
m a n y, m a n y y e a r s . N o w a s I
explained earlier on, I have been on
Savay through the closed seasons
year in year out, and I had never seen
the Sandy Fish, I’d heard them talk
about it and about all different
weights being put on it and one thing
and another but never actually seen
the Sandy Fish myself. Then four
years ago, my daughter moved to
Canada and bought a farm out there.
While she was away looking at the
place before she actually bought it, I
was looking after the dogs. I was taking them round the lake with me in
the closed season, and I happened to
go round a swim, well, it’s not actually
a swim, it’s a point on the lake just
before Reagan’s Swim in the North
Bay, and I could see some fish moving
out there. So I climbed up a tree, and I
could see some fish really clearly
including the big common that we
call Wimbledon.
Actually there are ten big commons
in Savay, and there are four over 40lb
that we’ve caught. Anyway Wimbledon has been out at 46lb, so it is a big
fish, and I was standing there watching them. There were about eight fish
there, and all of them were big fish,
high 30’s to 40’s. Then a fish swam
out from underneath the root system
of the tree that I was standing in, a
big sandy fish would you believe? I’d
heard about it for years and years; I
mean I’ve been on Savay for 28 years,
and I haven’t seen the Sandy Fish, but
there it was. It came right out from
underneath the tree that I was standing in, and swam out towards where
Wimbledon and the other commons
and mirrors were. Without any doubt,
it was a good 10lb bigger; this fish
had to be 55lb in my opinion. Since
then, one of our other anglers who
happened to catch Wimbledon one
year at 36lb from the same swim, the
swim that we call Reagan’s Swim,
saw the Sandy Fish on the same session that he caught it, and he puts it
at between 55 and 60lb.
There’s another guy whose word I
trust a lot, a young fella called Jordan,
who has caught a lot of big fish, and
when I say big fish, I mean big fish to
86lb, and 60lb commons abroad. He
knows a big fish when he sees one,
and a he’s very good angler to boot.
Anyway, he was fishing a swim called
the Rail; I had my back to the lake,
and he was standing in front of me,
talking, and he had dark glasses on, as
it was a nice sunny day. Incidentally,
this part of the lake was really
(Above) Fifth capture of ‘Thick Head’.
(Left) 25lb 4oz.


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