FL10 (All 218 pages) - Page 154

In Search of Monster Carp
Alcatraz 20-plus.
Two early fish in the winter.
weeded up at this particular time, and
he said to me, “Look behind you,
there’s a great big fish.” I turned
round to have a look, but I never had
the glasses on. I could make out a fish
down there, but he could see it perfectly, and he said, “Look, there it
goes; it’s gone in under the weed.” He
said to me, “I kid you not, that fish was
between 50 and 60lb.” I said, “Leave it
out,” and he said, “I’m telling you.” He
said it was a very light fish, and again
we think it may be the Sandy Fish.
Anyway, this closed season just
gone, Lou, who is one of our syndicate
members, Frank the fireman who’s
also a bailiff, and I had done a bit of
work. We were having a look round
the lake; we were over in the Cottage
Bay, underneath the trees that run
35lb 4oz.


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