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In Search of Monster Carp
I don’t know, but the bloke that told
me that it a little bit of an authority on
fish, so it could be true.
But anyway, to cut a long story
short, he was there alright, the one
with the wonky back. There were also
two or three other 40’s that we knew
that were definitely there, and then
suddenly, in came the Sandy Fish, and
everything else just looked like a
dwarf. It looks like it’s got very few
scales on it, and it’s very, very light in
colour, including its back, and it’s got
a very long wrist on it. It’s a very, very
long fish, and it’s a very deep fish; a
big, big fish, and it’s certainly never
been caught. This fish is just incredible, I mean I was lucky enough that
following year to go over to France,
and I caught my biggest fish, which
was 56lb. I caught it when Lou was
there, and when we put it back in the
water we stood there and I said,
“Have a look, Lou. Remember the
light fish, the one down at Savay?” He
said, “Yeah, that one was bigger than
this one.” So you know, whether or not
you think I’m telling porkies is up to
you, it’s there for sure.
I did write about this in my book,
but for those of you that never read
it… I remember the first season I was
made a bailiff, 1981, and in the closed
39lb 15oz.
season, just before the off, we finished
work and we were out in the Cottage
Bay behind the pads in the boat.
There were three of us in the boat;
there was Peter Broxup, a fella called
Bob Tilbury and me. I’ll never forget it;
it was a beautiful afternoon, the light
was dead right, we all had the
34lb 12oz.


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