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In Search of Monster Carp
20lb (early photo).
56lb on the nail.
Polaroids on, and we were looking for
fish. We had seen fish just gliding in
and out of the pads, nice fish; one of
them was a 30-something that Bob
had caught, so he knew the fish for
sure, and we saw it about five times.
Then suddenly out of the pads came a
fish, and it swam right across, so all
three of us saw it. I mean the water
was just spot on; it wasn’t very deep
where I’m talking about – you’re only
talking about 2ft 6ins of water, gradually getting deeper and deeper, and
falling off the back of the pads. You
could see all the stones and mussels,
the big swan mussels on the bottom,
as clear as clear, almost like looking in
an aquarium, and this fish swam out
of the pads, along the side of the boat,
and then turned and came back on
the same route.
Peter was holding a shovel in his
hand, which is just over 3ft long, and
he was using it as an oar. As this fish
went by, he held the shovel out to
give us some idea on the length of it,
and as he did, the fish tilted as if it
was looking at the shovel, honestly,
and the depth of the fish had to be
seen to be believed. I mean I know
the water can exaggerate sizes, and I
know this is the very early years on
Savay when the lake record was only
34lb, but this fish, I am sure, was


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