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In Search of Monster Carp
Early Savay 1984/85.
between 40 and 50lb. It might even
have been bigger, but it was never
ever caught. Whether it’s still there,
your guess is as good as mine. I have
never seen it since, or not knowingly
anyway. There are a lot of 40lb-plus
fish in there so you know, if don’t get
a good look at it, it may be that fish,
who knows, but this was 1981, so
there are some big fish in Savay without any doubt.
Another big fish that comes to
mind is one that Tony Hall saw. Tony
Hall caught Sally one year at 39lb off
the Point, and the following week, or
on his next rota, he came down to fish
again. He had been walking around
the lake, and he crept out onto one of
the snag trees down in the sluices.
You used to be able to walk right out
on this tree, and he saw Sally there. It
was definitely Sally, because this
common has a little nick out of the
top of its tail, plus it was a 39lb fish; it
was big fish. Well, with it were several
other mirrors, all big fish, and one of
them, according to Tony, was without
a doubt bigger than Sally. So Tony
walked right the way round the lake,
got right up to what we call One
Down, and from that particular swim
on the Colne Bank, he called across to
me on the little island. I went over to
see what he wanted, and he said to
me, “I’ve just seen Sally in the snag
tree, and you’d better come down and
have a look at these fish, because
there are four in there, and two of
them are bigger than Sally.”
So I thought right, I’ll go round with
him and have a look, so we walked
round to the snag tree and climbed up
into it. This particular tree used to go
right out into the water, and some of
the main branches had broken off and
fallen right down to the bottom. You
could stand on the branches and the
fish felt really, really safe there. Sally
was lying alongside the tree trunk
that we were walking on, and it was
head to tail with another mirror,
which was noticeably bigger, without
a doubt, which we estimated it to be
certainly in the 40lb bracket. There
was another mirror in there that was
carrying tackle; we could see the line
coming from its mouth, and that
looked to be bigger as well, but it just
goes to show you. I mean Sally was
the lake record at 39lb, so there are
definitely fish in there that don’t get
Over the years, seeing all these big
29lb 1984/85.


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