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In Search of Monster Carp
Stockfish 1990.
even drop one in the edge it was so
thick with weed, and there was no
way you could fish it. Three quarters
of the Canal Bank was weeded too;
the North Bay was fishable just about,
but the weed was horrendous.
One thing that came with the weed
was that suddenly, the old fish, the
ones that we knew like the Big Head
fish and fish started piling on weight.
Suddenly the high 20’s were 30’s, and
the 34’s and 35’s were 38’s and 39’s,
and there were fish coming out at 40.
The first true 40 to come out of Savay
I think was The Beast, which Bruce
Ashby caught from the Cottage Bay.
That wasn’t a spawned up fish; it was
a true 40lb’er. There were one or two
fish that came out bigger than that,
too. There was also a big brace, which
I think at that time was probably the
biggest brace in the country, but they
were very spawned up fish. It was
obvious that this weed did no end of
good for their growth; it didn’t do the
fishing much good, but for the fish, it
was unbelievable. The biggest Claremont fish that has been out is 50lb
4oz, but most of them are upper 40’s –
45’s, 47’s – big fish. On one year we
had 14 different 40’s for sure, and that
particular year there were another
five or six that we knew were there
that never got caught. We’re trying to
estimate now how many 40’s we’ve
got in there, but we’re not really sure.
One of the differences with my fishing today is that my first wife, as I told
you earlier on, was dead against me
fishing, but luckily enough, my second one, and we’ve been together
since 1993, is completely different. I
think once you’ve had the first go
round, you sort things out for the second time round, and make sure everything is alright before the off. Anyway,
to cut a long story short, Marge
wanted to come down and fish with
me on opening week. We got down
the day before the off, and got bivvied
up on the Point. I had baits to make,
and I used to make them over on the
little island in one of the little sheds. I
remember saying to her, “You might
not like it, or maybe you will like the
camping side and cooking out, but
give it a try.” She was up for it. I said
“Don’t expect me to be catching
loads of fish; it doesn’t work like that,”
and she said, “No, no, that’s alright.”
So, the night before opening night, I
saw some fish in the mouth of the
Lagoon, just at the side of the Point
where I was going to fish. I had made
my baits then, and I thought I’d take
them round and see if they’d pick
them up. We crept round, Marge and
me, and I dropped these baits in. I
could see them on the bottom, and I
could see fish around them, and we
sat and watched. I put in maybe 40 or
50 baits, and the fish would swim at
the side of them and look at them, but
they wouldn’t swim over them, and
they certainly wouldn’t pick them up.
I was thinking, ‘Have I done it all
wrong or what,’ when suddenly one
fish ventured forward and picked a
bait up. Then they all tailed up and
they were on the bait, so I thought,
‘Oh that’s a bit of a result.’ Anyway to
22lb Stocky, 1991.


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