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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) 19. Savay in flood (Max the carp
(Below) 30lb 8oz.
cut a long story short, opening night I
caught three 30’s, which is a bit special for Savay, or anywhere come to
that. So Marge was thinking that we
weren’t going to catch any fish, but
she’d been up all night taking photographs and weighing fish. It wound
up being a real blinding session, and
even Margie caught one, that’s how
many fish were there. I caught 13 fish
and lost two, which was the best session I had ever had there. I had had
another session like that with 13 fish
off the shallows, but that was a little
bit later.
So yeah, it was a really memorable
session. The other thing about it was
that one of the fish I lost; one that I’d
had at the side of the Point, was
beached on a bar there, just round to
the right where there is a bush growing in the water. The water level was
well down, and Peter the Brain, one of
the old members, was there with me
trying to get it with the landing net.
We could both see that it was a big
40, and I was trying to get it off the
bar because the water levels were
low. I had to get into the swim so I
had enough water to get the landing
net underneath it. I had already got
two or three fish off of that particular
bar with no problems – I got them
round the other side, but with this big
40 of course the hook pulled out, but
that’s life.
That’s all from John this month.
Join us next time for the concluding
part of his life history series where
John tells us about Savay in 2009 and
some of the other big carp fishing he’s
been doing. n


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