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The Hunt for Hendrix
On the other side of the coin the
deaths of some less prestigious, or
dare I say dubious, heritage have hit
the press in recent weeks. I’m not
going to mention these fish by name,
as I don’t think it warrants the space
in this magazine. I don’t want to start
a debate on the rights and wrongs of
it all either, but all I will say is that
Echo is doing a great job, and if you
care about our heritage in carp fishing
then fish for English fish, and don’t
line the importers’ pockets. That’s it
on the subject – many of you will
know what I am getting at – enough
Right, back to my fishing and
related stuff... For those who are not
regular readers of Big Carp, having
finished my time on the Essex Manor
I have now moved onto Essex’s Cleverley Mere in search of a stunning fish
called Hendrix and anything else that
comes along on the way. (If you’re not
a regular reader you should be
ashamed of yourselves, as it’s clearly
the best mag out there right now and
has been for some time!). After the
capture of the 27lb original mirror on
(Top) 30lb 8oz – I had just caught
Herpes! Second of the four.
(Right) 18lb linear – third fish of the
the 16th June, I couldn’t wait to get
back over to the lake, and the following Monday evening saw me pulling
in through the Mere’s gates again. I
usually do Sunday evenings onwards
for either 48-hour or 72-hour sessions
depending on work, but a meeting
with Keith Jones, Jon Mac, Gary
Bayes, Kevin Nash and me on the
Monday morning at the Nash HQ to
do some taped conversations for a
couple of magazines meant that it
would be early evening before I could
get over there.
I arrived just before 8pm with the
intention of fishing until Wednesday
evening, and was surprised at how
quiet it was. I had a walk around the
lake on the lookout for any signs of
fish, and when I climbed the tree in
the corner of a swim called the Bowls
I found a few sitting just to the left in


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