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The Hunt for Hendrix
some weed. That was enough evidence for me, so I decided to drop in
there, as it was free. I had decided to
not use the pop-up rig for this session
and opted to use the Triggalink
instead. For those not familiar with
the product, Triggalink is a unique
braided hooklink material with a PVA
core. When immersed in water the
inner core melts, which creates an
elasticated bungee effect, so when a
fish hooks itself the ever-changing
resistance gives it a really difficult
mouthful to deal with. This usually
results in ripping takes and solid
All three rods were baited with
small hookbait bags of Scopex Squid,
plus a few mesh type PVA bag ‘free
offerings’ were also dropped into
position. I think that when you’re
using a PVA bag attached to the
hooklink, by using PVA bagged free
offerings rather than just loose freebies you are concealing the obvious
look of the hookbait, which in turn
can make the carp less cautious when
I spent a couple of nights in the
swim but there were no notable
occurrences apart from landing a couple of tench. Although I saw a fair few
fish on the first night, Tuesday daytime and evening I saw nothing, and
early Wednesday morning I decided
that a move was in order. I reeled in
and went for a walk around the lake,
but I didn’t need to go far to find fish.
I walked along the bank to a swim
called Gavcatraz, and climbed a tree
over in the corner of the lake. On
reaching the top of the tree I looked
down to my left below me, and found
around six commons, from an upper
double to a couple of high20’s/scraper-30’s. These fish were
over the same spot that I had previously taken the 27lb mirror from.
There were also a couple of larger fish
further out in the lake that I could see,
so my mind was made up and I
moved into Gav’s.
I positioned one rod over on the
spot to my right in the margin where
(Top) 18lb pretty little mirror – fourth
of the session.
(Left) A July Cleverley sunset.


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